When video games were made by one person

The Dreamsong (2015) was made using the tileset from Below the Root, with a few modifications and some original art.

I grew up with Space Invaders, Asteroids & Pac-Man at the grocery store, next to the gumball machines. Birthday parties in arcades. Tron & Dig Dug near the hotel pool.

Atari and the Apple IIe

Around 1982 my parents got us an Atari 2600 clone for Christmas. It came with Pitfall, which was like playing Indiana Jones. In 1984 we got an Apple IIe. Older school kids gave me copies of Castle Wolfenstein, Conan & Loderunner. These early games were almost always made by one or two people. Jordan Mechner made Karateka and Prince of Persia on an Apple IIe, and famously documented those early days of computing in his journals.

Haunted-house pixel art

In 1985 I made my first computer graphics. I drew a haunted house on graph paper and typed the coordinates into a BASIC program. That simple X,Y grid made sense to me as a kid, like the patterns my mom used for cross-stitch (I still like the limitations of pixel art). The next step was to animate the graphics, which led to making games.

Programming games

I haven’t made a Stardew Valley, but I have finished a few small projects. Some of these games are JavaScript (ImpactJS) remakes originally programmed in Microsoft QuickBasic on a Zenith 8088 PC, and on the Apple IIe using ProDOS and the Beagle Compiler from 1988-1992. The really old “games” in Applesoft BASIC were not always finished or playable (too slow), but I put them here to archive what I did back in the 80s, when I was just a kid, and when it was all so new and exciting for everyone.

The Dreamsong is my most complete and complex game. It’s a new (2015) game done in the style of Below the Root. In true indie-gamer fashion, it was never officially completed or released, but I consider it done because it is playable in a browser right now.

These other games mostly use the arrow keys, and X and C for action. They are not optimized for touch screens!
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Ludum Dare 33 game jam entry
THEME: You Are The Monster — You play the giant and try to stop Jack from planting beanstalks and stealing the golden goose.

2015Game JamJavaScriptPlayGitHubLudum Dare 33
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Pâques en folie

You play the Easter Bunny who must distribute eggs equally to kids. When a new kid shows up, try to get him eggs and prevent the others from getting more than their share.

2015News mediaJavaScriptGitHub
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Élections Québec 2014

Player guides political leader to touch party logo (and avoid those of other parties), but identity keeps changing.

2014News mediaJavaScriptPlayGitHub
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During the 2012 student tuition-fee protest, grasshoppers were released in the HEC École de gestion Montréal. Exterminate them before they multiply out of control.

2012News mediaJavaScriptPlayGitHub
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Mountain Bike

Player races against two computer opponents. Made for the 2012 Olympics

News mediaPlayGitHub

Quexlor: Lands of Fate

A retro action RPG built by a community using the iPhone Game Kit. I made most of the levels using tilesets with Tiled, and wrote & recorded the music.

2010Community projectObjective-CiOSiPadWizardFu
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To Tame A Land

Jump & run platformer. Player is a knight who explores underground dungeon, killing creatues and gathering potions. Original version had a built-in level editor.

1990, 2012RemakeEGADOSMicrosoft QuickBASICJavaScriptPlayGitHubThe Cutting Room Floor
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The Sacred Lamps

1990 Apple IIe - remade in JavaScript in 2012

RemakeApple IIProDOSBeagle Compiler1990PlayGitHub
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Diving for Dollars

Player dives to collect treasure, while avoiding sea creatures and running out of air.

1989CGADOSMicrosoft QuickBASICGitHub
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Balloon Ride Rescue

Applesoft BASIC game that allowed you to explore several screens. A bird obstacle showed up randomly. In the final version (source code is lost), you would explore until a screen randomly showed a crescent moon with a girl waiting for rescue.

1989Apple IIProDOSBeagle CompilerGitHub
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Search for Atlantis

Submarine was drawn using shape tables, a technique that saved a vector drawing into memory. A new background image was loaded into memory when the sub came to the edge of the screen.

1988 FebruaryApple IIApplesoft BASICProDOSBeagle CompilerKoala PadGitHub

Seaweedman’s Adventure

Attempt to create a character that could throw a whip or lasso.

1988Apple IIApplesoft BASICKoala Pad

Jungle Jack

Attempt to make a character walk, run, jump, crawl, climb and shoot. Another Indiana Jones/Jungle Hunt/Pitfall inspired game.

1988Apple IIApplesoft BASICKoala Pad
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Archiologist (sic)

Should be Archeologist, but I was just a kid. Inspired by the rope bridge scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASICProDOSBeagle CompilerGitHub
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Moonbase Infestation

Made after seeing Aliens. There's a guy with a gun and a jetpack, and an alien. But it’s mostly just drawings of levels.

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASICKoala PadGitHub


I think this was going to be an obstacle course for basic training, but it turned into a guy doing the high jump into a small pool of water.

1988Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Castle - Wizard Bob

Castle was plotted on graph paper, and coordinates typed in by hand. A filename called Wizard Bob has a wizard that can shoot a lightning bolt. Castle and Wizard Bob were combined. An early version had a bug that caused the lightning bolt to spin and leave a trail.

1988Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Quad Run

Made one evening after watching quad racing on a sports channel, right after Tour of Duty. Uses same collision detection as Flame Jump.

1988Apple IIApplesoft BASICKoala Pad

Flame Jump

Early attempt at collision detection

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Seek and Destroy

Middle school kids having fun with computers in 1987. Uses same controls as Thor & Vulture.

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Thor & Vulture

Keeping sprites tiny due to slow redraw of uncompiled code running on a 1 Mhz machine. Thor could throw his hammer, Vulture would try to run into Thor.

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASIC


Trying to make a character swing from a building. I wanted to do this in other Pitfall-type games too, but never figured it out even with the help of teachers.

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Peeblo Williams

Can’t remember what this was about.

1987Apple IIApplesoft BASIC

Space Lander

Variation of the many Moon Lander type games at the time. I'm not sure how original this was. It may have been done at school.

1986Apple IIApplesoft BASIC