S t o n e m a s o n r y

Surveying & measurments

I measure job sites to create a shop drawing of the final project. Measuring what exists is the first layer of the onion.

relevé des mesures

3D scanning

relevé des mesures

LiDAR and photogrammetry supplement tape measurements. A 3D model of a job site helps estimate something I forgot to measure. It also helps check the accuracy of my CAD drawing, or even to preview the final project in 3D


I make a shop drawing using measurements from the job site. This is the outer layer of the onion. I try to:

  • Place “natural” or balanced joints.
  • Work within dimensions of quarried rock
  • Limit stone size to what a mason can handle
dessin technique

Sacred geometry

géométrie sacrée

Before standard measurements, cathedral builders used a rope to determine all the distances by folding it into different fractions and drawing a radius. The converging lines caused geometric shapes to emerge that were considered sacred. Civilizations built temples and entire cities around sacred geometry, using the path of the sun as a vector.

Architecture uprising

A movement started in the Nordic countries that aims to return urban environments to pre-modernist architecture. In other words, stop building big, ugly boxes and concrete slabs, and give us back human-scale walkable spaces with a balance of ornament and function that was the norm for thousands of years.

architecture uprising