Drafting & 3D scanning for architectural stone

Accurate measurements for stone

With 3D scans and drafting services

  • Specialist in architectural stone
  • 3D scans with LiDAR and photogrammetry
  • CAD files ready for CNC machines

Measuring & surveying a job site

I take tape measurements to create a shop drawing of the new stone. I measure reference points, usually concrete forms, window openings or existing stone which will be replaced.

relevé des mesures

3D scanning with photogrammetry & LiDAR

relevé des mesures

I sometimes use LiDAR and photogrammetry help understand a site, but never to completely replace the physical tape measurements. A 3D model lets me view the site from any angle without the distortion of the camera's perspective. I can make a CAD drawing on top of plan and elevation views to double-check the accuracy of my measurements, or even to preview the final project in a 3D environment.

Shop drawings for architectural stone

1. I draw out the concrete form (or the reference points measured on the job site, or given to me by the mason). This is the “first layer of the onion”.

2. I offset from the reference points to draw the stone. This ensures the stone will fit between windows, or that steps will overhang by the correct amount.

  • Place “natural” or balanced joints.
  • Work within dimensions of available stone from the quarry
  • Limit stone dimensions to what a mason can handle
dessin technique