Drafting & 3D scanning for architectural stone

Photogrammetry - 3D models from photos

Photogrammetry is a technique that creates a 3D model from multiple photos that overlap by at least 70%. Differences in perspective allow the computer to calculate the physical geometry, with millimeter precision in some cases.

Capture the physical form

  • Helps take virtual measurements of objects
  • Practial when you can't return to a job site
  • Allows you to preview the final project before ordering the stone

LiDAR - good, but not always better

LiDAR scanners like those on high-end iPhones and iPads use reflected light to capture 3D models with high accuracy. But the sensor is limited to around 1 cm, so LiDAR scans often lack detail that you can get with photogrammetry:

LiDAR+Measurements are accurate right away and do not need to be rescaled
LiDAR+Better at capturing reflecting or transparent surfaces than photogrammetry
LiDARModel quality is often poor compared with photogrammetry
Photogrammétrie+The quality and detail is better, especially for close objects
PhotogrammétrieCannot handle transparent or reflective surfaces like windows and water
PhotogrammétrieThe model must be rescaled. Not a big deal if you have also taken tape measurements and know how to do it. I always capture with a tape measure in the model so I can double-check that a model is accurately scaled.