The modern stonemason

The word “stonemason” conjures up classical images of a cathedral builder or a Renaissance sculptor

Technology and power tools add to tradition

EXTRACTION & semi-finished products
  • remove stone from quarries
  • understand the geology
  • handle big equipment
  • cut stone to standard sizes
  • sawing, polishing (CNC operator)
  • create G-codes (CNC methods dept.)
  • factory work
ARCHITECTURAL stone for building
  • large-scale building projects
  • cut and shape stone with power tools
  • create and interpret plans
  • work on site and in workshops
FUNERAL SECTOR tombstones and monuments
  • shaping, cutting, carving
  • engraving, sandblasting
  • polishing
  • design and conception
  • highest skill level, demanding
GRANITE COUNTERTOPS yes, this is a sector unto itself
  • traditional or laser measurement
  • cutting and polishing
  • delivery and installation
RESTORATION heritage sites & buildings
  • identify original building techniques
  • shape stone with manual & power tools
  • make copies using caliper
  • technical drawing, pairing in 3D space
  • interpret plans to shape stones off-site

It’s also common to start your own business or work on contract.