Thoughts and language use architectural metaphors

Architecture Uprising

Modern buildings are blocky, boring and uninspired. Steel and glass clubes. It's done on purpose, and people are not happy in these environments.

There was a reason classical buildings had ornaments and curves. Cities were built for walking humans. Humans who would pause to interact with other humans.

Architecture with classical elements like arches and ornaments are often depiected in art. But we'd never consider a modern blocky building as art. And here's why:

Ornaments and curves are organic shapes we evolved with in nature. Something angular or sharp in nature means danger.

Modernism produces enormous flat surfaces and sharp angles that are foreboding while removing the curves and organic shapes that indicate water and life. People subconsciously avoid these types of environments because they are not inviting.

Look again at parks and downtowns that have restored walkable spaces and you'll see foliage, the occasional fountain, monuments with ornament. These are classical elements we've had since ancient Greece, and people want them back.

Rebuild with classical elements Facebook group

  • Preserve heritage sites
  • Prevent the spread of modernism, the big blocky industrial scale
  • Encourage new construction to have classical elements designed for humans

Some cities have begun to change — judge for yourself: